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Beginners Yoga Flow

Beginners yoga

This class is suitable for absolute beginners. If you are quite stiff or haven’t done much exercise then you will find the pace of this class more manageable than a general class.

There will be detailed explanations of each pose and there will be variations given wherever possible if there is a pose that you find too challenging.

Practise will include:

Standing Postures, Backbends, Forward bends, Balances, Spinal Twists, Hip Openers, Core Strengtheners and Inversions whilst being incorporated within a flow sequence.


Downe Village

Time and Place


10.30 -11.45am

Downe Village Hall



Next Block Booking

4th September - 25th September


Block of 4 weeks    £40    (ongoing block classes)

Drop in anytime    £10

(New price from september 1st  £11)

Street parking available.

*Mats and props are available but if you have them please bring them with you, as well as a water bottle, and wear comfortable clothing.

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