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Power Yoga

Power Yoga

This is a fun and dynamic class that will keep you on your toes.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are, how old you are, or how flexible. It’s about challenging your limits, both mentally and physically and learning to breathe through it. Power Yoga is an active, vigorous combination of standing & sitting Asanas which link physical movement, deep breathing techniques, and meditation together.


Power Yoga is so much more than a just a physical workout – that’s why it’s so addictive. Not only will Power Yoga help you achieve a beautiful body but it will also help to develop a beautiful mind. It allows us to find peace in a busy lifestyle and become a calmer, healthier, and happier person.


Power Yoga originated from the Ashtanga Yoga system and distinguishes from Ashtanga in the way that Power Yoga does not stick to a set sequence of asanas (poses).  This makes it a creative and diverse practice to do. 


Often Power Yoga will have a focus on a specific part of the body or group of poses and will build up in a progressive sequence, from more basic poses to more advanced. One of the effects of Power Yoga on the body is that, because of the dynamic nature, the muscles warm up quickly. It also increases the oxygen intake and the heart rate.

The asanas/poses create muscle tone, which create strength and stability in the body. Stretching the muscles while contracted make the muscles longer and will make the body more flexible.  Because of the dynamic nature of the practice, the attention focuses away from thoughts occupying the head and the mind can settle in a state comparable to meditation. When you practice Power Yoga at your level regularly, you will start to notice at least some of these effects within a few weeks.

Power yoga also has a crazy good list of health benefits including:


1. Gain energy and positivity

2. Improve concentration and focus in all areas of life

3. Decrease back pain and increase posture awareness

4. Fight anxiety and improve social skills

5. Enhance athletic ability by increasing cardiovascular efficiency




Instructor - Elise Barnes


Time and Place

Mondays   8.35 - 9.35pm

Orpington Village Hall

311 High Street



Next Block Booking

September 20th - November 1st 2021 (not including 25th October)


Block of 6 weeks    £54    (ongoing block classes)

Drop in anytime    £10

Online Price

Drop in anytime   £9 - link via zoom to the class will be on your confirmation email

You will be asked for payment on the booking system

Parking available in Tescos for 3 hours.

Please bring your own mat with you, as well as a water bottle, and wear comfortable clothing. I will have some sanitised mats available if you need one.

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